About Peer-Pods – A Revolutionary Healing Platform

For you to live in freedom and empowerment, it is the human condition that… you are continuously required to surrender your attachments to your identity. You don’t have to agree, or like it, but No One escapes this fact. This is why most wisdom traditions have a formal practice of ongoing renewal. Peer-Pods provide you with a modern and revolutionary practice for recovery and renewal which leads to resilience. With resilience, challenge makes you better!

Everyone on the planet is somewhere on the recovery continuum between attachment and addiction. We are attached to looking good and not looking bad and so we lie and posture and mask our truth. Over time, these masks become so thick that we have trouble wearing them. We become confused about which part of us is authentic and real and which part is fabrication for convenience. We lose track of the “Why” that is so important to answer is we are to live full, effective and noble lives.

A mid-life crisis is when you realize these pretenses don’t work anymore and are killing you slowly. Life is too short to live it just… “to look good, or avoid looking bad.” Inauthenticity, the living outside of your truth, steals your life force and separates you from your potency, your gifts, and what you love, especially the people in your life.

While attachments are generally less destructive than addictions both arise as a partially conscious attempt to Not Experience the truth of things. You want to get relief from the experience you believe is coming your way because that is the way it happened in the past. The past will keep driving your life until you make it conscious.

Addictions and compulsions are avoidance mechanisms, we call them “work arounds.” They prevent you from feeling a disowned experience. Often you don’t even know what it was. The typical unskillful response is similar for attachments and addictions namely, we mostly practice avoidance or escape, and it can show up as a behavior to fight, flight, freeze or fix.

Addictions provide some relief to the suffering but it is short term and frequently makes circumstances worse. Renewal can only come if you are willing to turn toward the suffering. But hardly anyone knows how to do this. Peer-Pods teaches you how. Too few people have a safe place to do this important work of unmasking their suffering. Peer-Pods provides a safe place to practice.

Pain is a fact of life but suffering is entirely your choice. Suffering is caused by your story about the pain and is often worse than the pain itself. Suffering is optional but only if you know how to work with it. Peer-Pods shows you how. In a Peer-Pod your suffering is the path to your gold.

The Peer-Pods practice provides a unique and effective way to work with your suffering to clear the originating events that you are avoiding through your addictions and compulsions. Once they are recovered and reframed, and the energy is integrated into your life, the need for addiction dissolves.

Why turn towards your suffering? The shocking blessing is that your personal response to your suffering is the very action that grows your unique gifts. In your Peer-Pod you learn how to respond to your obstacles skillfully so they become opportunities. Problems then become possibilities. Soon, every experience, good or bad, is an invitation to empowerment.